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Cadieux Stage: Video/Music/Motion Picture Production Studio Listed For Less Than A Million

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This listing is short on details but two sound stages make this property pretty darn unique so we'd go check it out if we were in the market for 21,000 square feet of building space. (And thanks to the tipster that iPhone'd these shots over) This video and production facility built in 1948 also includes dark rooms and rumor is that all the local commercials used to be filmed here. The location gets super bonus points for proximity to the Blue Pointe Restaurant (a classic gem!) which would add to the whole retro vibe of hanging out here. In the ideal world, one would carve out some lofty living space, but beware it's likely zoned for commercial use and not residential so you'll have to keep the party pad hush hush. Current listing price is $950,000.

· 4925 Cadieux Avenue - Cadieux Stage [Showcase]