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Hantz Farms: Two Weeks From Buying 200 Vacant Acres

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Urban farming in Detroit is almost reality. It's pending City Council approval, but The Detroit News is saying that Hantz Farms is close to signing a deal to buy about 200 acres of vacant land in an area surrounding Indian Village in Detroit. The plan is to use it for a for-profit urban farm within the city; the first of its kind. The idea has been floating around for four years with Hantz now saying they will focus on Oak trees and other hardwood to avoid resident fear of the farm attracting moths, flies, rodents, pesticides, and rotting produce. "Who can argue about a tree?" John Hantz says with a shrug. "At some point, the fear of the known has to become greater than the fear of the unknown."

· Urban farming idea slowly sprouts in Detroit [The Detroit News]