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Bloomfield Hills V. Birmingham in Decor Showdown on HGTV!

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A Battle of bourgie suburban interior decor is going down this weekend on television! HGTV is airing an episode of Showhouse Showdown this Saturday at 2:30 that pits a Bloomfiled Hills interior designer against a Birmingham one. The show has two designers take over two newly built and identical homes with the same budgets to create a winning interior design. Members of the "developer’s target market" will get to vote on the winner; this house happens to be in Saginaw. Both contestants talked to the Royal Oak Patch to explain their game plans. Damen Jenkins of Design with Vision: DWV Interiors brought out the big guns with Old World Style’ for a Tuscan-style farmhouse.” BOOM! But Michelle Mio of Rariden Schumacher Mio in Birmingham pulled out "Bohemian Chic." BAM! HGTV site's teaser is even more over the top. They say that the designers will produce "5 original rooms each, ranging from an opulent European wine room to a master bedroom with gravity defying end tables." Floating effing furniture? Now that is every trick in the book!

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