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This Historic Four-Bedroom Brush Park Beaut Is Move-In Ready

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Let's be honest: there are too many Detroit "fixer-uppers" to count! So a listing that says "completely rehabbed" is a rare find and the above photos just made us drool (Which is a nice change from the usual reason our keyboard is damp: because we were crying tears of broken transit dreams onto it (Though no better for MacBook functionality)). This 4,000 square foot, 3.5 bathroom historic home listed just this week for $430,000, includes modern finishes, new hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless appliances. It claims to have a large open floor plan, two outdoor decks, and an 800 square foot loft above the garage with a bathroom. The remodel dates back to 2005 but the home still has the character of 1910, which is to say they did a nice job, unlike some "building rebranders." If we're going to nitpick (we're always going to!) we'd have to say the bathrooms are not a "win," but we'd do pretty much anything for that outdoor pace. · 255 Winder []