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Detroit Historian Offers a Free Lesson

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You don't buy a house in Corktown for its energy efficiency ratings. Part of the appeal--not just in Corktown but in many of Detroit's neighborhoods--is living in a neighborhood drenched in history and character. Homeowners wondering just how they can go about learning the history of their homes have got a new friend.

While we won't go so far to say Paul Szewczyk knows more about Detroit's historical homes than anyone else (though he might), he's certainly one the city's most diligent amateur historians. Anyone who has visited his blog knows that Paul does not cut corners. Also, anyone who has visited his blog most likely wonders how the heck this guy knows which New France ribbon farm a Corktown house was built on. Paul can provide exhaustive lists of nearly every single resident of a home's 150 year history. Paul's latest blog reveals all of his research secrets. The instructive post, not surprisingly, is just as detailed as his own research. Homeowners looking to learn more about their building and the land it sits on should take a gander.

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