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Inanity Explained! Your Real Estate Lingo Guide Is Finally Here!

Curbed University delivers insider tips and non-boring advice on how to buy, sell, or rent a home or apartment. Additional questions welcomed to our tipline.

Real estate listings are not unlike personal ads. They are rife with confusing acronyms. Show up to the door of a stranger’s home and there’s no telling what they have in their basement. In both cases, actually. The following are examples of common real estate shorthand.

3B/1B – This is your typical bedroom/bathroom set up. The bedrooms come first and the bathrooms are assumed ‘full’ unless otherwise noted.

assum fin – This stands for assumable financing. Assumable financing is when the seller and lender are open to the idea of the buyer assuming the existing mortgage upon purchase of the property. This is typically only available for qualified applicants.

dk – Deck. Because you need a place to sit and watch the Detroit River Fireworks.

expansion pot’l – Expansion Potential. When a lot is big enough—or when you purchase the adjoining city-owned vacant lot—and zoning laws allow for home expansion.

FDR – Formal Dining Room. Not the president but often presidential.

FP, frplc, fplc – Fireplace. Looks like one of those acronyms to avoid from the personal ads in Metrotimes.

gar – Garage. Come back Jack White!

gard – Garden. Throw parties in your garden and pretend you’re at the Whitney.

grmet kig – Gourmet Kitchen. A place to store your McClure’s Pickles.

HDW, HWF, Hdwd – Hardwood Floors. We love those Woodbridge hardwood floors.

hi ceils – High Ceilings. And those Woodbridge high ceilings!

lsd pkg – Leased Parking Area. Some consider it a must for city living. Sleep easy at night.

nr bst schls – Near the Best Schools. We call these magnet schools. Ooooh.

pvt – Private. Private yards, private docks, private fences.

pwdr rm – Powder Room. Another way of saying ‘half bathroom’.

vw, vws, vu, vus – Views. Most likely to find these in the Villages on the waterfront.