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Here is a perfect example of utter ineptitude on the part of realtors who consider these inexcusably awful photos of this gorgeous mansion to be "acceptable". There are FOUR separate realtors representing this seller...did NONE of them take a look at these photos and think, "Hmmm...maybe not?" Even a 5-year old could tell you that in order to sell this eminently sellable house, they should do one---or both---of the following: A) Tell the owners that if they want their quarter-million bucks to PUT AWAY THEIR DAMNED DIRTY LAUNDRY; and/or B) CERTAINLY do not photograph it! They give us the absolute worst that this beautiful home has to offer and display it as if it were some kind of "selling point" (what's with the off-kilter, close-up shot of the door hinge? Are they trying to appeal to "hinge queens," or something?). If these photos were shot by a professional photographer, she/he should be seriously ashamed of themself. But in the end, the fault goes back on the heads of the realtors, who seem to have simply given up...."Well, it ain't gonna sell anyway, so...why bother?" NOTE TO DETROITERS: If you're selling, go the "FOR SALE BY OWNER" route. Why pay these people thousands when their blatant ineptitude/laziness will actually impede the sale of your house? NOTE TO DETROIT REALTORS: Remind yourself that you are a paid professional...and if this is really the best job that you can do, it's time to move on. These childish and amateur listings show contempt for both the sellers and the potential buyers and are just plain insulting to all concerned. - Frank Lloyd Wrong [Indian Village Mansion (with Carriage House) for Under $300K]