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Closing/Opening Alert

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New owners plan to re-open Small Plates in downtown Detroit, the Detroit News reports. And to answer your question - yes, apparently it closed, and no, we're not getting this confused with the Royal Oak one (which is now Gemmayze, which was designed by Ron Rea!). It actually closed on March 11 but no one knew because no one goes there anymore. New owners Patrick Danial and Todd Wenzel of Motor City Group will keep the same tapas-style menu concept with a focus on craft cocktails. They plan to reopen on April 5 (just in time to get wrecked on Opening Day) after a bit of an interior makeover, which will include some new upholstery for the back banquette by Motor City Denim Co. Antonio "Shades" Agee, who has been a busy guy lately, will also be sprucing the place up with a mural. [Detroit News]