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More Construction in Eastern Market: What's Next?

One thing we know is that where there's a construction crew in Detroit, there are readers emailing us to see if we know anything. Construction crews have been spotted going in and out of this building on the corner of Winder and Russell streets and new windows have been installed. Something is happening and we want to know what! So we put it to you, dear readers, and take us out to the rumor mill. All we've been able to learn is from a little birdie perched nearby that has spotted pizza ovens being brought in and a construction guy that has offered whispers of an Italian restaurant and potential office space. But we all know what happened last time we listened to a construction guy, don't we? Sometimes we have to draw from our greatest resource: You. Let us know in the comments if you've heard anything about this potential Supino Pizzeria and Roma Cafe rival and you'll get the satisfaction of being harassed by anonymous commenters like the rest of us!

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