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Home Buying Made Easy by the GRDC

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Images courtesy of Razi Jafri It's Rookie Roosts week here at Curbed (in case you didn't notice all those Curbed University posts) and today we're looking at a house in the Rosedale Park neighborhood. Not only did it go to a first-time buyer but our first-time buyer friend actually found out about the property here on Curbed Detroit! How about that for synergy, eh folks? Aisha Wahab sent her husband Razi Jafri this listing that highlighted the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation's purchase of a bank-owned home. The GRDC then dutifully cleaned it up and put it back on the market for an awfully affordable price. Razi and Aisha snatched it up and *voila!* we've got some first-time home buyers.

As Razi tells it, it seems like he pretty much had his mind made up from the moment he saw the post.

I e-mailed my real estate agent immediately and tried to set up a showing. We were so excited about this house that I asked him to prepare an offer on the house since I knew we would make an offer on it. We love the neighborhood, we started visiting and driving around last fall when I saw a house on Warwick on the north side of Grand River. Long story short, they got it! While it's amazing that our post was published on January 31st and Razi closed on the home earlier this month, we have to imagine the GRDC smoothed the process out a bit. Razi says, too, that they had a great agent. They were actually able to move up the closing date! Everyone: buy your house from the GRDC.

The only trouble so far has been the previous owner's taste. Says Razi:

We want to remodel both bathrooms. The downstairs one has RED tiles and a RED sink! The upstairs bathroom is covered in peach colored tiles, so that will have to go too. Despite the red sink, Razi has quickly become a booster for buying in the city. And yes, of course, not every buying story even comes close to Razi's, but he still believes it's worth it:

Its a great time to buy a house in Detroit. Rosedale park in particular is a great neighborhood to look into. Meijer is potentially building two stores in Detroit and one of them is going to be down the street at the site of the old redford high school. There are also lots of tax incentives and grants available for the purchase of a home. There is a mid-town incentive, and Grandmont-Rosedale is offering 10K as well. Its also a great time for young people to move to Detroit as we are growing in numbers. So I would recommend looking into whats available in terms of these incentives in the areas people are looking to move to. Also, Detroit is huge, there are a lot of great neighborhoods outside of downtown and midtown as well, which are great places to live, but there are a lot of other options as well, and the prices can't be beat. Knowing where you'll be spending a lot of your time is a big help. · Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation [GRDC]
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