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Foreclosure Steal in Sherwood Forest

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We're going to have to make some sort of Curbed Detroit award for real estate agents who take photographs that give us an idea of what the property actually looks like. Cheers to you, Reginald Perryman, you've made the home buying process a little more enjoyable for everyone! This foreclosure is owned by Fannie Mae and is listed at $164,900. According to the beautiful, crystal clear pictures, the place appears to be in tip top shape. Apparently it has two garages which is kind of awesome and kind of weird but it also has two fireplaces which is all kinds of awesome. Five bedrooms and three bathrooms don't hurt, either. Seems like a pretty good deal for a 1936 home in Sherwood Forest. We'd definitely re-paint some of those rooms (that red and blue room gives us headaches just from looking at the beautiful, crystal clear pictures) but that's forgiven as soon as we saw that second level mini-balcony. Thanks Reggie!

· 2840 Cambridge [Zillow]