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Living Single

Singletons, you're not alone! Well, you are alone, but that's by choice and you're not alone in that decision! Author Erik Klinenberg tells PBS that the biggest social change of the last half century is the exponential increase in numbers of adults who choose to live alone, currently 31 million Americans (about 28% of households overall, and in major cities like Manhattan and D.C. that number soars to about 50%). He adds, "...people who live alone...are actually more likely than people who are married to spend time with friends and with neighbors, to go out in the city and spend time and money in bars and restaurants and cafes. They're more likely to go to public events. They're even more likely to volunteer in civic organizations. So we shouldn't get carried away with the idea that living alone means being isolated." It's not just a social phenomenon, it's a social service! [PBS News Hour]