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Michigan is Addicted to Proposals to Build Casinos!

Is that Phil Collin's "Against All Odds" we here playing ironically in the background? That can only mean that Michigan is taking a gamble on more casinos with enough proposals in the works to almost double the current count! Well take a look at Detroit now, because as we've discussed before, the architecture of these things tends towards fugly. Detroit itself would only get two more, but greedy Romulus wants four! Oakland County would like just one, thank you very much. All of them are likely to face long drawn-out battles to build: "Gov. Rick Snyder, Detroit's current casinos and Mayor Dave Bing oppose casino expansion." Detroit's casinos were approved in the 1990s; one organization that wants to build in Detroit, Michigan First, wants to amend the state constitution for expansion. But not so fast! "It's like fantasy land," said Michigan State University law professor Matthew Fletcher, who specializes in tribal law. "I really don't expect people are willing to have that many more casinos in lower Michigan."

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