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First-Time Buyers, Tell Us Tales of Real Estate Adventure!

Dear readers, ever feel like all the great Curbed stories are out of your price range and beyond your expertise? Well good things are on the way! We're putting together a smashing week full of features for first-time buyers! Recently scored your first Detroit home? You are the one we want!

Did you go fixer-upper, coop, or condo? Did you get crazy and go tax auction? Or maybe you just tried to buy and have become very discouraged? We want your story. Shoot an email to and let us know all about it! (Consider it catharsis, if you must!)

Furthermore, we want tips for first-time buyers. Benevolent experienced buyers, tell us what you think: What should first-time buyers know? What's a good tip for them that might end up being a lifesaver? Why is your neighborhood the best area for the novice (or why not)? And what agents are most helpful if you need extra guidance?