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Packard Plant Drama Update-O-Rama

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Oh hey, remember that Packard Plant demo that is supposed to get underway soon? Well there are no permits for it. And Crazy Man Cristini, the owner, has not paid the person he hired to oversee the demo. And he seems to be broke in general. The Freep reports:"Finances appear to be an issue for Cristini, who did not return several calls from the Free Press on Friday. He told the Environmental Protection Agency last year that he didn't have the resources to pay $35,000 for cleanup costs at the plant. His company, Bioresource, owes $760,000 in back city and county property taxes. The city has a separate lien against the owner for $400,000 in unpaid taxes." So a convicted drug dealer is making a mess of an important Detroit ruin? Figures. This "news" sounds like all drama and no demo for the foreseeable future. [Freep]