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Wait No More! The Germack Coffee Shop Opened This Morning!

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Caffeine fiends that were awaiting the arrival of the Germack coffee shop we told you about last Friday are getting good news this morning over on Russell Street: the place is open and their very first customer has the photos to prove it! Special thanks to our tipster who just happens to have an awesome apartment above Signal-Return, putting him in the perfect place at the perfect time when doors opened for the very first time. From what we can tell, they are not ready for a crowd to sit down and stay a while yet (looks like they need a few more chairs!) but it should be the perfect place to take-out your cup and go walk around Eastern Market on Saturdays. · It's True: A New Coffee Shop for Eastern Market [Curbed Detroit]
· Germack Pistachio Company [Official]
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Signal Return

1345 Division, Detroit, MI 48207