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Detroit's Love For Big-Box Stores: Making Us Even Weirder To The Rest Of America

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While other American Cities can't seem to do enough to keep big box chain retail out (see New York City's war on Walmart) Detroit is once again that weird kid not playing the same game as the other cities. Good Magazine's blog took at look at some reasons for this:

Detroit residents have largely embraced chains not only as a source of jobs, also an expression of confidence in their city, about which they remain fiercely proud. Sure, Kmart was born in Detroit and doesn't even have has just one store here and yes, that is weird and snubby. But is it true that Detroit is the place where there's so much room for growth, that tension between small and big businesses does not exist? Guess we'll find out courtesy of Meijers and the Whole Foods. · In Detroit, Big-Box Stores Aren't the Enemy—They're a Source of Pride [Good Cities]