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A Rare Opportunity to Buy A Whole Downtown Building

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Are you jealous that Dan Gilbert keeps buying all the buildings downtown before you can get to them? Well here's your chance to snag a structure in prime downtown just three blocks from Comerica Park, right behind the Fox Theater! Listed just a few days ago for $135,000, this 9,675 square footer was built as a home in 1900. The listing does not give too many details, but wants to make sure you don't fumble in the dark,"Please Bring Your Proof Of Funds And Your Flashlights To Check Out This Historic Two-story Building." Downtown living is dominated by condos and apartments, so it is not too often that you find a whole freestanding home for sale. However much redevelopment is needed, we expect someone to be excited for this prime "entertainment district" opportunity! · 118 W Columbia St [Zillow]