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John D Bistro Hosted a Little Pre-Opening Shindig

Parties! We love them! Invite us to yours!

Arguably, the best part of the decor at Ferndale's about to open John D Bistro was not in play last night since it is still wintery out there (well, sometimes). The building facing Woodward Ave near Nine Mile has installed one of those fab roll-up garage doors that is sure to make it an awesome hot spot during the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise this year. (And they are not the only ones: Woodward Imperial (no, we don't know when they will open) has done the same). What we did get to take full advantage of last night was the elevated stage above the bar, which is also seating (potentially best in house!) when there is not a band. Owner Eddie Farah hired on architectural and interior design Ron Rea to revamp the decor in this slot that used to be Club Bart. It opens to the public tomorrow. · John D Bistro [Official]
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John D bistro

175 W Troy Ave , Ferndale, MI