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Rendering Revealed For Artist Adnan Charara's New Studio

Good taste in Detroit building renovations: it is alive and well on Cass Ave. We're sending chocolate and flowers compliments to D MET design for this renovation of artist Adnan Charara's new studio building. Once construction is complete (should start soon!), he'll be working away in the back while there will be a storefront facing Slows To Go (whose rather attractive renovation last summer we're also cheering for). This is D MET's second big win on this street, they also gave Canine to Five a facelift. Architect Joel Schmidt explains:

The new facade is going to be cement fiber board rain screen - similar to our project for Canine to Five, but kind of the second generation. It will feature weather boarding and formal deformations in keeping with the deformation of form present in Adnan Charara's work.

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