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Buy On The Cusp of Woodbridge and Corktown for $22 K

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The listing has yet to pop up online, but a helpful tipster alerted our attention to a sales sign on Trumbull Ave. The agent we spoke to at New Detroit Realty explains that this building has three units, and he thinks you could rent out the small one for about $600 and the larger for $800. But of course, the place is going to need some work. It's been re-framed but has a ways to go; one contractor thought you could finish it off with $40-50 K. At an asking price of $22,000, we're going to deem this one "worth it." With Corktown getting more chock-full of amenities all the time, we would not be surprised to see development spread this way soon. Locals we spoke to in Woodbridge said that pretty much all the homes in that hood in the last foreclosure auction sold and many seem to be somewhere in the renovation process. Could the Briggs hood be the bridge between where everyone wants to live and where everyone hangs out? If you really wanted, you could even tell people you live in NoCo. This side of I-75 sports the Nancy Whiskey Pub and Hostel Detroit. Oh yeah, we see the potential. [CurbedWire Inbox]