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Flashing and Excessive! The Belle Isle Billboard Proposal

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Belle Isle—When a Curbed tipster wrote in this morning to say, "check out this extremely ill advised plan to put large, tacky Homeland Security and Advertising billboards at the Belle Isle Isle bridge," we just about spit out our coffee. Then we actually read the attached Board of Zoning Appeals document and did, in fact, spit coffee. This job is hard on a MacBook! We quote from the form, "The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management along with the Detroit Recreation Department are requesting Hardship Relief to construct and install two (2) one (1) sided LED electronic display advertising ground signs, each with approximately 754 square feet of sign face area approximately 49 feet high." The application goes on to somewhat hilariously self-condemn with the words, "flashing signs are prohibited, excessive sign area and excessive sign height.” The public hearing is April 24th at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center starting at 9:00 am. It's case 83-10, in case you need something to write on your protest sign. [CurbedWire Inbox]