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Building Owner Uses Wild Rumors, Tipster As Sales Tactic

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This post was authored by Curbed contributor MJ Galbraith.

Earlier this week, Curbed Detroit received an anonymous tip that the guy that owns the Hunt Street Police Station is ready to sell. But developments today make us wonder if we are getting punk'd. Our tipster said that the owner is "pretty skittish, very hesitant about showing it to people —wouldn't let me in." So no, we have not been here either. But we did call the number on the "for sale" sign and we are pretty sure the person we were speaking to was using some sort of telephone voice changer device for our conversation.

The mystery man (an "associate" to the owner) told us over the phone today that the $750,000 asking price is wholly dependent on speed. The faster someone can buy the building, the lower the price will come down. While we at Curbed would never recommend desperation as a negotiating tactic, the owner of Detroit's former Third Precinct Police Station is trying to leave the country as soon as possible. He just has to sell that building first. Which is where you come in.

The building itself housed the officers of Detroit's Third Precinct from 1896 until 1959. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its Beaux Arts stylings, with faces of police officers carved into the entrance. Unconfirmed tips suggest that the building still houses a sort of unofficial safety and protection agency but unfortunately the building is shrouded in secrecy. The X-Files character on the phone would only suggest that the building was "used for offices, of a sort."

As for the building, we're assured the plumbing and electrical bits are in working order and everything else is in "excellent condition." Considering the owner's desire to move ASAP, potential buyers could get a real steal here. You'll just have to convince them to let you in, first. If you do, you could report back on if what the rest of what our tipster said is really true. He writes that the owner, "has Jimmy Hoffa's old desk." And that there are living quarters throughout. Then, of course, there is top floor gym which was "set up for J-Lo to stay there while she was in town."

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