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How Low Will It Go? This Four Bedroom Likes To Price Slash

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It seems the real estate agent was not willing to do this home any favors in the photography. We've got a lot of shots at odd angles with bad lighting (not to mention the ones that highlight the dead-ish dry lawn and a toilet seat left up). It's like certain agents don't know photos are a sales tool! Zillow is telling us the place first listed for $150,000 in November 2009, but that the listing was removed a year later in 2010. But Trulia has a different story. It says the listing was $95,000 in September 2011 before it was changed to $75,000 a month ago in March. So whether you count that as a 50% price cut or just %20, this house and it's "AGGRESSIV E SELLER" [sic] just want you to take it already. It's got 2,898 square feet, four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. There seems to be ample architectural character on the outside (nice porch) but we suggest starting over again with most of the inside.

· 2481 Oakman Boulevard, Detroit MI 48238 [Trulia]