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Watch Graffiti Artist TEAD Create A Masterpiece in Our Office!

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You'll have to excuse the bad drop ceiling still, but we're happy to report that Curbed Detroit HQ in Corktown got a whole lot more beautiful about two weeks ago thanks to some help from Street Culture Mash. The art organization's founder, Mike Han, paired up our blank walls with graffiti genius TEAD, who spent five hours on a Thursday night going crazy with some Plutonium Paint. Fortunately, the video that follows was edited down to two minutes. And while this sure ain't NBC yet, we finally get to engage in a bit of product placement! Have we mentioned how much we love Plutonium Paint? Holy crap that stuff is good! They don't call just anything "Ultra Supreme Professional Grade!"

TEAD for Curbed Detroit from Street Culture Mash on Vimeo.

· Street Culture Mash [Official]
· TEAD for Curbed Detroit [Vimeo]

2051 Rosa Parks

2051 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit, MI 48216