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Comment of the Day

I think Detroit is the only city with such a strange, nasty attitude towards public discussion. In the rest of the world there is a public/civic sphere where there is discussion and critique of things that are happening. It's normal and healthy and expected. In Detroit you can't say anything without someone: First claiming that you're an outsider. If the person is a Detroiter then they're sitting around in a coffee shop complaining. The only people who are allowed to talk are billionaires and the people whose line of work (restaurant owner, apartment manager) who are involved in these decisions. Which excludes 99% of people. Which means by default no one is allowed to talk about anything ever. Obviously all blogs and newspapers and all other forms of media in Detroit should be banned immediately. Any other form of public discussion should be banned too. They serve ZERO purpose, right? -Anon [Downtown is Officially A Theme Park For Bad Rebranding]