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Urban Aggers Go Bananas For Detroit's Big Ass Farm Proposal

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In terms of proposals for Detroit, it does not get more logical than this: put vacant urban land back into productive use by growing food. It would likely sprout as a 10 acre effort, but a new proposal from Michigan State University (located in East Lansing) outlines a 100-acre urban-agriculture research center in Detroit. With the most important grocery store in America (Detroit Whole Foods) set to open in midtown next year, leave it to our fair city to get even more aggressive about accolades. If this works out, we can begin referring to the D as The Urban Agriculture Capitol of America... or The World. Eff it. Make that the The Reigning Galaxy Champion of Gardening. Which of course, will feature a food castle!

Research efforts would include “vertical agriculture,” in which food is grown inside multi-story buildings, and innovative ways to produce energy and conserve water in food production. · Michigan State proposes 100-acre, $100-million urban-farming research center in Detroit [Freep]