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A Four Bedroom Tudor Goes For $88 K

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Seems like someone scored in Sherwood Park! This 3,000-foot home came on the market for $92,500 last September and just sold March 1 for $88,000 According to Zillow. However, AOL real estate thinks the asking price was once $120,900. Built in 1936, it has three full bathrooms and a detached garage. Amenities include a fireplace, a library and a breakfast area. Want to sound in-the-know when browsing the listings? Remember the term ACR. That is the Acceptance of Compliance and Responsibility and this closing required the buyer to sign one, which means that if there were any problems (say structural ones) the owner must perform repairs and have a repeat inspection.

· 19310 Parkside St. [Zillow]
· 19310 Parkside St. [AOL Real Estate]