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American Beauty Factory's Fate Is A Plastic Bag In The Wind

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Remember that movie about plastic bags floating in the wind? We sure do. Especially that awkward moment where Kevin Spacey was trying to get with Mena Suvari. Not because we were into that. Oh no! Because we made the mistake of watching the film with our dad when we were a teenage girl with teenage girlfriends and oh boy did that add some tension to the room! This was the 1999 film American Beauty. And as it turns out, there was an German film made in 1989 also called American Beauty, which has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. However the name of that film was inspired by a Detroit building know as the American Beauty Electric Irons factory. And over the weekend, Wayne State announced they wanted to turn that into a parking lot for scientists. So there you have it. Detroit architecture is like a plastic bag in the wind and now all our middle-aged male readers have been reminded of how much they like a certain 1999 film.

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American Beauty Iron Works

6110 Cass, Detroit, MI