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Detroit Hoods: Sometimes Google Maps Just Invents Them

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A sweet little commenter wrote in yesterday to help us out of our confusion when we tagged a story for the neighborhood "Sherwood Park." Says jayarem:

this neighborhood is not called 'sherwood park', unless you're so unfamilar with detroit that you use google as your source of local information. We appreciate the helpful hints. Might have been better to include the correct neighborhood name at the outset, but you know, he was just trying to help! Because we said something wrong yesterday, and we are deeply sorry, we present to you another tipster's corrections to the google map above. The neighborhoods up there are Green Acres (closest to 8 mile, with a grid street pattern) then Sherwood Forest (winding streets, bigger homes like the one you covered) and then Palmer Woods, (the big-ass homes, also winding lanes). Along Woodward is the Palmer Park itself, which is adjacent to the Detroit Golf Club. Just west of there between 7 and McNichols (6 Mile) is the University District. And then down at McNichols there is the Palmer Park neighborhood of mostly apartments.

And now we will eat our hat. · A Four Bedroom Tudor Goes For $88 K [Curbed Detroit]