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House Of Your Dreams Asks $198 K, Needs Renovation

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This seven bedroom home was built by the architecture firm that once employed Albert Kahn (Mason and Rice) prior to 1879. In 1881, David Whitney (of THE David Whitney building downtown) remodeled it. And we're sure he did a pimp job since he was a wealthy lumber baron. As the photos show, the place is full of historic details including woodwork in mahogany, butternut and oak wood. What they don't show us are, well, rooms! Apparently they can look like whatever you want them to, because you'll be rebuilding them. The post states, "The house of your dreams but needs extensive renovation." At least it is flattering that the real estate agent thinks you have great taste and will create a masterpiece. "Once the work is complete the owner of this home would be the envy of the neighborhood." The ego-stroke is not going to sell us on a 4,990 square foot fixer-upper, but that circular tower just might. They don't make roof-lines like that anymore. The ask is $198,000. · 82 Alfred St Detroit, MI 48201 [Realtor]