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DetropiaWire; "Suburb" Becomes Verb; Real Estate Swingers

Detroit— Despite the fact we were told there would be no advanced screenings of Detropia in this area before the Detroit premier, it would seem there was one. A tipster forwarded an email following up from a "meeting" at the Detroit Opera House last month which sounds like it might have been some sort of focus group. The email states, "We're analyzing all this feedback, and of course we're committed to addressing the challenges many of you brought up last month." It would seem they're taking one of those "this will promote social change" angles to package the film. Our tipster said the viewing was "The Road" meets "Roger and Me." [CurbeWire Inbox]

Clawson— The Triple Threads t-shirt and printing company in Clawson is hawking a shirt with the phrase "Detroit Suburbs Harder." Obviously it's a response to the Eastern Market-based Aptemal Clothing Company shirt emblazoned with "Detroit Hustles Harder." MLive wonders how one "suburbs" as a verb, but we're pretty sure we know. It involves wearing a giant rock on your left hand and showing up for 1:00 pm gym workouts on a Thursday in a Beamer. [MLive]

Metro Detroit— Some swingers need some real estate help for Saturday parties! Apparently allowing a fuckfest to go down in your loft, apartment, condo, home, or building, will get you $600, which hopefully can be used towards a maid. [Craigslist]