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An Enviable Pleasant Ridge Home Is Asking $475 K

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It's a bold statement for a real estate agent to write that a home is one of the most admired in an entire city. But when the city is Pleasant Ridge, which is all of 0.6 square miles, and the home is well, that one above, that is case when the hyperbole is warranted. The backyard seems to be practicing zen and the art of landscape for the viewing pleasure of those in the breakfast nook! The four-bedroom, three-bathroom also has an open staircase to the entry foyer, arched doorways, and a screened porch. The 2,400 square foot home has not been sold since 1980, according to Zillow. It went for $82,500. At $475,000, it seems to know it's come a long way in terms of 2012 sophistication and is not afraid of the big ask. We're curious to see how buyers react.

· 43 Cambridge Blvd [Zillow]