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Lafayette Park Condo Living For $850/Month

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We've long dreamed of renting someone's Mies Van Der Rohe-designed Lafayette Park courtyard coop home. Especially for the summer, as the lushy lush greenery gets really to-die-for. Unfortunately, those sorts of opportunities are rare since the coop board limits owners' abilities to offer those up to tenants. Thank goodness there's now a Cherboneau North Condo, also on Lafayette Park, offering itself up as a pretty decent alternative. Sure, the exterior architecture is wanting, but if you are renting you likely don't need to feel too attached to it anyway. The one bedroom, 800 square foot condo is asking $850/month. And if you do intend to spend anytime indoors over there this summer (we'd be in the park the whole time!) there should be some new kitchen and bathroom upgrades on the way. (Which means no, you don't have to deal with that dorm-style mini fridge and microwave in the space where a big fridge belongs). · $850 / 1br - 800ft² - Beautiful 1 Bedroom on Lafayette Park [Craigslist]