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Learn About Detroit's Land Use In a Cartoon With Jazzy Music

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Notice to nerds: this video comes with the disclaimer that it "won’t give you an urban planning degree," which is fine with us because we hear those do not get you laid. But what it will do is give you some fun facts to drop, like that Detroit built 88,000 streetlights when we had 1.8 million Detroiters. It also make the important point that population loss is a complicated budget issue and that the city needs to get more compact so we can pay for things. Sure, it's a bit of propaganda for the Detroit Works Project, an initiative of our third-person tweeting Mayor, but it's some of their better propaganda. And we may have danced to that jazzy song playing over the whole thing in an elevator before. A swanky one. Also the "deal with this part when we can" strategy mentioned is the motto of the day here at Curbed DET, which means we are going to go sleep off some African jetlag and thanks for your patience.

What Happened To Detroit?! from Publius on Vimeo.

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