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Articles On Casinos Must Contain Phrase "Rolling The Dice"

In an article meant to focus on two potential locations for a new casino in Detroit, the Freep reveals the secret recipe to Detroit casino development. The list of potential investors on this "gamble," reads like a comic book super hero round-up gone wrong. We've got a radio host, a Four Tops Singer and a boxing promoter tied up in this venture, along with someone whose nickname we are hoping quickly becomes "The Undertaker." That's right, Detroit Funeral Home leader O'Neil Swanson wants in on this too. We can't wait to see him in the ring with the fifth investor: "Detroit Radio Personality and one-time Cablevision partner Wade (Butterball) Briggs." Will they duke it out over profit margins in the figurative conference room ring? Can someone please plan to upload the board meetings to youtube?

· Graphic: Rolling the dice: proposal sites for 8 new casinos [Freep]