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Construction Company-Owning Reverend Builds McMansion Of Endless Garage Doors: CBS News Calls It a Palace

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CBS Local is calling it a "Surprising Palace." Last we checked, palaces did not have twelve-car garages next to eight-car garages prominently featured on the facade, but we're pretty sure that is just because Louis XIV of France did not own his own construction company like Rev. Charles Brooks. Were he to resurrect right now and see 4234 Lakewood (or perhaps catch a glimpse of it's blog in heaven) we're pretty sure he'd rip up the Palace of Versailles and copy the hell out of this aesthetic. And the landscape too! The yard features a huge natural limestone fountain called “The Garden of Eden." We don't see any snakes or naked people, but CBS probably had to photoshop them out. It's family-oriented media, after all! As the owner explains:

The project here @ 4234 Lakewood was done to not only inspire people to live in Detroit, but also to simply say that if I am willing to stay here, & also keep my business & home here... that others would folllow & re-populate Detroit to over 1 million! We think he intends to keep the extra 250,000 residents in garage doors. Also, we just bought stock in garage doors. We suggest you do the same. · Surprising Palace Appears Amid Detroit Blight [CBS Local]
· 4234 Lakewood [Official]

Gaudy Garagepalooza

4243 Lakewood, Detroit, MI