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Some Rich Folks Will Pay A Lot Of Money To See You Ride Light Rail Down the Middle of [Part of] Detroit

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Your favorite pink-hued mythological Detroit rendering is back! Enjoy the May 2009 image of light-rail cars running north and south in the city's Midtown area one more time before the on-again off-again plan breaks up with the city. (Just last December Mayor Dave Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder pulled their support for the rail project, which shortened the line considerably). Today's news is good for the 3-Mile line down Woodward Ave, which seems to have found the Sugar Daddy it wanted at the M-1 Rail Group. They're going to pay for it to run for ten years after it is built; that means shelling out $5.1 million annually through 2025!

· Woodward light rail line group says it will pay for first 10 years of operations [Freep]