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There Are 16 Detroit Doc Films: Alec Baldwin Has Seen One

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We've mentioned that the market for documentary films on Detroit might be a bit over-saturated before, but today we present the conclusive evidence that every inch of Detroit might be on film right now. Thanks to the Freep Press for counting 16 of them out there. Not that you have access to all of them, as some are only at out-of-state film festivals at the moment. But we don't recommend scheduling a back-to-back viewing party even if they were at your fingertips.

"The explosion of Detroit-themed films has resulted in visual clichés -- watch enough of them and soon you'll realize, hey, there's another view of the crumbling old train station, another empty block covered in weeds, another interview with the same outspoken booster or melancholy analyst." While our intern has diligently recapped one, the review the Freep picked up on is much shorter. It would seem that "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin took to twitter to endorse Detropia. His exact words were, "a great film." Not exactly in-depth, but tough to beat unless Tina Fey is agog over "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville's Detroit Lives project sponsored by Palladium Boots. Speaking of product placement, the Freep plugs its own film, a work of boosterism that provides an in-depth look at the toll of homicide in Detroit. Oh just kidding. Living with Murder is Category 2: Downers. Category 1 is Uppers. We misfiled it.

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