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A Killer Commercial-to-Residential Loft Conversion

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Architect Marc Couillais is the building manager for Detroit's Graphic Arts Lofts Building, as well as two other buildings in Midtown/New Center. Since the commercial space at Graphic Arts has been notoriously hard to rent, the owners granted him permission to use it as his own apartment until a commercial renter is found. He spent about $2,000 to convert it into a living space when he moved in last November. Marc writes

"I used canvas drop cloths to create the large wall separating the private bedroom area from the living area and pallets to make the wall between the bedroom and the closet. I'm very motivated by reuse and the idea of the middle class working man. Many of the furnishings come from estate sales of former assembly line workers."Given that you, dear reader, are not this lucky, you'll have to pay $1,650/month to rent the large two bedroom available; a ground-level studio will also turn over in May. The building was converted to Condos in 2006 after years of abandonment; originally it was a studio building for independent artists that did work for the car companies, namely GM and Cadillac when they used to have headquarters two blocks away. · Graphic Arts Lofts [Jonna Detroit Lofts]

Graphic Arts Lofts

41 Burroughs, Detroit, MI