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If You Were A DMC Honcho, Which House Would You Buy?

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Earlier this week, we were alerted by this tweet that the Detroit Medical Center's CEO Mike Duggan bought a house in the Palmer Woods neighborhood of Detroit. Actually, it would seem that he closed on it a few month ago, but is just moving in this week. And so we went digging through the recent closings in the area to oggle the goods. Turns out it's been a good winter for Palmer Woods homes and two sold. Since we have no more specific intelligence on which it might be, [Update below! it might not be either] we turn to you. If you had head honcho DMC money, which home would you have bought?

? Option #1: 19430 Cumberland Way sold for $225,000 after being listed last at $229,900. It was taken off the market on February 21 and the closing date was March 22. This charming french-style home is 3,458 square feet with 6 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and 2 half bathrooms. We're big fans of the kitchen and the grand spiraling staircase. In fact we talked this whole house up to be potentially the hottest property in the tax auction last September, but turns out it was withdrawn before the bidding started.

?Option #2: 19215 Lucerne Dr sold for $370,000 (and the buyer paid CASH!) after being listed last as $399,900. The buyer closed on January 25. They're calling it a Cape Cod with a gorgeous new kitchen, but we found the french one more charming. However, the new pool and cabana are pretty darn appealing, so we would not be surprised if he traded less architectural character for more amenities. This house is 4,456 square feet with four bedrooms and five full bathrooms. The so-called gigantic finished lower level seems to have a bar-like feature and somewhere on the property is a waterfall and pond.

Poll results

Update! According you all, he bought 19221 Strathcona Drive, not either of these. There's no purchase history available online, but it is quite possible that you are right. Here's a photo. We'd still spend our CEO money on something french.

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