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Three Buildings in Capitol Park Move Closer to Redevelopment

The Detroit News now brings the good news that three publicly owned, empty buildings in the city's Capitol Park area will be redeveloped. Lansing's Karp and Associates have a deal get to work on The Farwell Building at 1249 Griswold, the former United Way Building at 1212 Griswold and the Capitol Park Building at 1145 Griswold. The $83.9 million deal includes plans for 204 loft-style apartments and 45,000 square feet of retail and office space. But remember that if you find this exciting, that well, you shouldn't. Because just this morning we were told that, "we should take a break from our excitement about rebuilding Detroit and turn our focus instead to tearing it down," you know, from the same news source. So back to your wallowing over disease, please.

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