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Diseased Detroit

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On top of everything else, Detroit has cancer. At least according to Nolan Finley from the Detroit News in an article about how jazzed he would be to see Detroit tear down more buildings. He suggests all you booster get sad and sober about this disease damn fast. He writes that we should "take a break from our excitement about rebuilding Detroit."Charitable estimates place the number of abandoned dwellings at between 30,000 and 40,000, though some believe the number to be twice that large. In any case, it's a mountain of blight to move, a cancer that is raging through the entire body of the city." Listen, we're all for tearing out the un-used, but there is no reason to suggest that there is no energy behind revitalization until all the mess is cleaned up, or to suggest that the city get on a does of chemo. In any case, if you've got a blight-ridden neighboring building, send an invite to to join your DIY demo crew. [The Detroit News]