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Fans of The American Beauty Start Petition to Stop Demolition

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"We'll pass on another parking lot," say fans of the American Beauty Ironworks Building. They've started a petition to stop Wayne State from taking the building down. They argue that the neighborhood is, "already scarred by abundant parking in the area north of I-94 (between Woodward and Cass)" and that no more is needed. Wayne State is redeveloping the adjacent Dalgleish building into a biotech hub, and was worried the scientists could not walk a few extra blocks to their cars. At least one DetroitYESSER says American Beauty was designed by famed architect Albert Kahn. He writes,

"This building was built by the American Electrical Heater Company, and later renamed after the firm's most successful product, the American Beauty iron. I own a copy of Albert Kahn, Inc.'s self-published photo book and listing of their projects (copyright 1936). The list of projects includes, under Heating & Lighting Devices, the "American Electrical Heater Co., Detroit, Mich."

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