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Dan Gilbert's Building Rebrand-O-Matic Claims Another Victim At The Dime Building: You Will Now Call It Chrysler House

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Pulled just moments ago from Detroit's finest news source, facebook, is an announcement that another Detroit building fell victim to the Dan Gilbert Rebrand-O-Matic. This machine previously turned the Madison building into the M@dison. The latest victim is the Dime building, where Chrysler is taking an office. It may only be two floors of the building, but now we have to call the whole thing Chrysler House. We suppose that the Auburn Hills HQ, being bigger, is now Chrysler Castle. This Rebrand-O-Matic can also be credited for coming up with the term Webward Ave, for Woodward Ave. Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans, now owns nine buildings downtown and two parking garages. [DEGC Facebook Page]

Update! The Detroit News has picked up on the story.

The Dime Building

719 Griswold Street, Detroit, Michigan 48226