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Architect Minoru Yamasaki's Work To Be Restored at Wayne State

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Fans of Detroit architectural preservation can finally watch a gem of a building reverse the aging process, rather than decay to the point of ruin! Minoru Yamasaki, the architect famous for New York City's World Trade Center towers (destroyed in the 9/11 attacks) was based in Detroit. His McGregor Center for Wayne State, built in 1958, is getting a $1.8 M restoration which will fix one of the saddest problems ever. Is there anything more depressing than a drained pool collecting leaves? We think not. The pools around the MC have been empty since the '80s when functional problems led Wayne State to drain them. But by late summer, they should be flowing again to create what we can only imagine will be one of the greatest, most architecturally significant spots for college streaking.

· Architect Minoru Yamasaki's work to be restored at Wayne State University [Freep]