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Will The Importance of Whole Foods Eclipse the Importance of Slows BBQ In the Battle To Save Detroit?

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When a former Model Phil Cooley opened Slows BBQ in Corktown Detroit seven years ago, they said he was crazy. And then The New York Times (and every other out-of-town media outlet) wrote about it and the wait for a table got two hours long and the city was saved! Or was it? Turns out the population statistics still sucks! But wait. There is hope. In addition to having the most important BBQ joint in America, Detroit awaits the arrival of the Most Important Grocery Store in America. Whole Paycheck Foods is coming in about a year but the place is already so hyped, we're coming down to a media face off already! In the battle to claim the title of "Foodie Business That Saved the City," While WF steal the title from Slows? And before it even gets opened?

Our analysis of the current standings in BBQ v Arugula isle:

1. Advantage Slows: Sure. It has been around for seven years, but the Reuters article opens with praise for Slows and gets to mentioning Whole Foods in paragraph six.

2. Advantage Whole Foods: This sentence pretty much says it all "And Whole Foods Market has plans to open a store next year in the Midtown neighborhood, which is the centerpiece for Detroit's revival."

3. Advantage Slows: They still have a model. Sorry sitophiliacs, tomatoes are not that hot.

4. Advantage Whole Foods: We were never called the BBQ Desert. Whole Foods gets to steal credit for solving that long lamented Detroit problem as the city with NO (major chain) grocery stores.

5. Advantage Slows: "The Reason" sandwich is so good!

6. Advantage Whole Foods: Organic Cheddar Bunnies are so good!

So there you have it! It's a draw! And so we call upon you to be the deciders now.

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