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Broderick Tower Finishes a Unit, Has It Model For The Media

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In honor of Opening Day, The Broderick Tower had an open house for one of the "J" units, a one-bedroom on the 17th floor which is the first to be completed in the building. And to push the whole "we're open" theme even more, they left the seat up on the toilet! This model shows (more-or-less) what a bunch of people signed up to lease based on the sales site and tours of the construction in progress. This one is 967 square feet and is not on the price list since it is reserved, but likely rents for $1,525/month (The price of 18J, one floor above). On hand for today's tour were "representatives" from MLive, Hour Detroit, Huff Po Detroit, and more! As we left, lines of the "regulars" were lined up for the public tour, which goes until 2 pm today. And just to refresh you on facts: the apartments are expected to be ready for move-in in September. Update: In response to your overwhelmingly Broderick-bashing comments, we added a few better looking photos after the jump just to see what happens.

Photography by Andrew Kopietz.

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Broderick Tower

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