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Giant Crane Smashes Cobo, Taking With it Fond Memories

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Sure, the space hasn't been used for a concert since Phish played there in 2009, but now that cranes [physical ones, not to be confused with business publication ones] are attacking the former Cobo arena, people are getting all misty water-colored memories. Says Thom Connors, regional vice president and general manager of Cobo Center. "I would say almost every day, someone tells me of what band or event they attended." Well if you weren't at The Doors concert in 1970, the Kiss concert in 1975, or the Journey show in 1981 and want a piece of nostalgia to harbor in your heart as well, consider renting downloading on iTunes the 1999 film Detroit Rock City.

· Pieces of history: Cobo renovations erase famed concert venue[The Detroit News]

Cobo Center

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