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Fall In Love With a Pretty Pink Victorian For Under $125 K

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It's rare for us to fall so in love with something so pastel (and pretty pink, to boot!) but this Valentine-colored Victorian has captured our heart. The 2,000 square foot home built in 1898, (The year Henry James published The Turn of the Screw, for you Victorian literature lovers) claims to to be "loaded" with charm and original woodwork. It is a four bedroom with a formal dining room, a library/office, and spacious open foyer. We have to agree with with the real estate agent that writes "picture perfect front porch," which is surely the selling point that wooed us. As for practical concerns, they are promising an updated heating system and storm windows and it seems that pink paint was also recently touched up. All at an asking price of $124,900. Ain't love for spring-time listings grand? · 359 W Grand Blvd [Century21]